New York
Fine Handcrafted Jewelry


Kimba Jewelry started in 1985 as a cottage industry participating solely in art and craft venues for 2 decades. In 2004, our brick and mortar location " Kimba Handcrafted Jewelry Etc." was established in Locust Valley, NY and grew for 9 delightful years.

In 2013 we relocated to awesome Arizona ... The Valley of the Sun... Where Kimbajul found her new home amongst the rocks and the cacti. It is  a happy place ... all that sunshine can do wonders...but returning to Long Island is a cherished treat that I look forward to all the time.

I often get asked where my name  "Kimba" came from... A lot of people assume my name is Kim..Nope. It's Cheri. AKA its Kimbajul

Long story... In the beginning there was " Malzies" of Port Jefferson.  I went in to buy some silver earwires for my seed bead earrings and walked out with a designing jewelry job !  

Then "Koty" came to invite me to work for him , to manage his new shop selling  mostly exotic wood handcrafted STUFF. I could sell my own designs there while running his shop. The gallery would be named " The White Lion" to symbolize the unique and unusual handmade products we were to represent.  

I wanted a alias for my business name , 1 because I was shy and 2 because I wanted a name that would remind you of my style.  I was influenced by the   authentic West African masks and sculptures that my step father collected and displayed through out the house and  my style of jewelry reflected that esthetic so ..Kimba felt like a good fit ...   ..It just so happens Koty's dog's name was Kimba :)  named after the lion in the television show ..."Kimba, The White Lion"

Well.... Then....2 weeks before we opened, the landlord of the building put the kaboosh on Kimba..She ran a clothing store right next door and subleted the back of her store to her friend selling  costume jewelry ... She did not want any competition so NO Kimba  jewelry could be sold at The White Lion.That is when I began to do local Art and Craft shows on the weekends while continuing  to " man " the shop during the week. July 4,1985, Port Jefferson, NY.

I have deep gratitude for my friend , Koty, for paving the path I continue to travel today.